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Emotional Skills & Competencies (ESaC)

This two-day core program is centered on cutting edge behavioural science. It prepares people with knowledge, skills, and approaches to evaluate the communication content (verbal & non-verbal) of others.

The program covers the knowledge, understanding, skills, and application of emotional competencies to help you become aware of your own emotions (so that you can prevent yourself from getting into trouble!).

ESaC Poster

Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility (ETaC)

This three-day program is based on the solid research and science of Dr. Paul Ekman and is designed to develop a person’s ability and skill to recognise the emotions in others as a basis for evaluating truth and lies.

The program explains the psychological models of truth and lies, and the skills required to identify ‘Hotspots’ – moments when the strain between thoughts and feelings produce an observable leakage across the five channels of communication. This course is designed to help you read and evaluate the degree of credibility or truthfulness in what others are communicating.

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